Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Junk food VS Good food

Junk food VS Good food
To have a good balanced life, the preference is to have a good alimentation, so eat a good food conversely to junk food. There are a lot of differences between these two types of alimentation and many contrasts.
First of all, the good food is the best thing to eat to have a balanced life. There are a lot of reasons and proofs of this type of food is good and it is the most excellent to eat to be in good health. The good food, such as, fruits, vegetables and others are as much nutriments as the bad food. The nutriments bring you more energy and you find it on healthy food, so not on junk food. Also, to have a good alimentation is healthier than fast food. On the other hand, to eat well is as more expensive as ready meals, but the quality is better on these foods. In addition, eat high-quality foods avoid to have some health problems or some diseases contrary to bad food.
Secondly, junk food is not a good idea to eat everyday because this type of groceries is less than healthy to produce. For example, Mcdo or frozen dinner don’t bring you a lot of high and energy to continue your day, in contrast these put you down. However, junk food is less expensive to have a good alimentation. Moreover, the junk food is as faster to cook or to get as good food. It is why people are tendency to buy these foodstuffs. Also, there are a lot of disadvantages to eat scrap food; probably give you health problems, heart problems and some disease. If you eat that you almost certainly overweight, difficulty with your heart because your body have a fats substances on it and maybe cholesterol. In contrast, you don’t have these problems if you eat an excellent food.
In conclusion, junk food and good food have only differences and really not the same way. Junk food has a lot of inconveniences conversely high-quality food. To have a balanced life you need to eat good food and something with a lot of nutriments.  The good quality in what you eat is recommending being healthy opposing the terrible food.

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  1. Totally agree all this delicious grocery food is very bad for the health.